Get to know our BB country Serbia &
what we have done so far together.

Country at a glance

Serbian flag
Flag of Serbia
Capital cityBelgrade
Relation to the European CentreRelationship established through common projects & events
Country Fact Sheet (CFS) 2019 prepared by the
Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs
Download the full CFS
View of Danube in Belgrade

Guide for posting employers in Serbia

The POW-BRIDGE team produced video podcasts in the form of practical guides for posting companies in the eight project countries, e.g. Serbia.

POW-BRIDGE: Final Steering Group Meeting

POW-BRIDGE: Final Steering Group Meeting

The POW-BRIDGE project had its final Steering Group Meeting, on 9 December 2021.  The project coordinators of all seven partner organizations came together to  discuss lessons learned, best practices and ideas for future collaboration. In the POW-BRIDGE project coordinated by the European Centre, the partners delivered 8 case study reports, 8 policy briefs, 8 video…

man - women symbole

Introducing Gender Equality Plans in research institutions

Across research institutions, gender imbalances still exist and are widely tolerated: few of the top positions in academia are occupied by women, and women still experience slow career progression. To tackle these issues, it is important to define concrete objectives and employ measures on an individual, cultural and structural level.