The Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre (MIGREC) is a 3,5-year research capacity building project funded by the European Union Union’s Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme, which started in October 2019. It aims to build a leading scientific research capacity in migration studies at the University of Belgrade (UoB) – Faculty of Political Sciences (FPN), ensuring that the UoB scholars can contribute effectively to the research, policy and practical challenges arising from multiple and intersecting changes currently confronting Serbia, but also the whole of the European Union. Towards this objective, the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences, the Project Coordinator, is strongly linked with the following migration-related research institutions:

  1. The University of Sheffield’s (USFD) Migration Research Group (MRG), an interdisciplinary network of scholars conducting research on international migration and mobility from Sheffield, the United Kingdom,
  2. The Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP), a policy-oriented research and training institute from Athens, Greece and
  3. The South East European Research Centre (SEERC), a multi-disciplinary and cross-border research institute from Thessaloniki, Greece.

With the complex migration situation in and around Serbia, characterized by dynamic immigration, emigration, and transit migration, the MIGREC Project is concentrated around five thematic areas:

Migrant integration – the project aims at building knowledge on the most important debates around migrant integration in European societies today.

Migration-development nexus – the project aims at building understanding of who benefits most, where why and how in diaspora-centered development strategies.

Migration governance – the project aims at building knowledge of the norms and organizational structures at global, supranational, regional, and national levels which regulate and shape how states respond to migration.

Theories and methods in migration studies – the project aims at deconstructing the existing theoretical concepts and research methods.

Knowledge, debates, and representations – the project aims at advancing the understanding of discourses on migration and migrants and providing a platform to facilitate ongoing social debates in the migration field.

It is MIGREC’s Project ambition to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation of appropriate policy tools in the national context Serbia in relation to the abovementioned thematic areas, but also so develop theoretical concepts and create innovative approaches in migration studies and to create a platform for the public debate.

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